Saturday, September 21, 2013

To the one who once said I was the reason :) Thanks.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today was indeed crazy. I am so worn out. Last night was terrible, too many things were going on in my mind. From projects to test, and from presentation to interview. Yes, I am having my interview next week. Everything is coming to me at one time. I am just so tired. My priorities are in a mess now. When I was having test, I didn't even think that I was thinking for the answers. My mind was just wandering at somewhere. For the first time, I do not even care how I score in the test. Part of me has given up. Just need a small break. A small one is suffice. 

On a side note, sometimes I do think dogs are lovely creatures. No matter how many times you ignore them, they will always welcome you. At least, today a dog accompanied me when I was walking to the test hall. Hopefully she will be alright before anyone chases her out.

Monday, April 15, 2013

There are times you made bad decisions. And you just feel so regret that you wish to go back to the moment before you made the decision. But, that's not reality. Bad decisions perhaps are the worst thing you can encounter in your life, but they can be the best thing happened in your life. The bad decisions are just like failures. They taught you great lessons as if you burn your finger, then only you get the message that playing fire is dangerous. You knock on hard on your face on the floor and you will be more careful when you walk.

And yesterday was one of my bad days. It took me 3 years just to understand a simple concept of the relationship among people around you. 3 years just to know letting go is not that hard. And 3 years taught me that there is something more important that just holding up on a relationship. It doesn't matter how long does one take to understand, at the end, it matters more that you learn the lessons. 

Just a mistake, just a message and just a few words. They give impact to everything. You can't get back the stone that you threw and of course you can't take back the words that you said. What is more important now is the afterwards. Just give it up the thing you held on to for so long because of few lines? That's ridiculous. There are something far more important. And I shall make things better.
Today little part of my heart died. The feeling is so familiar, but it is certainly not the best feeling you want. 

It is like you've expected you gonna flunk your quiz or test, and in the end, you got low marks, you still get upset where the disappointment shadowed your preparation to expect the worst. At the end of the day, you will spend whole night thinking what you could have done at the 1st place.

3 years and now it goes back to the starting point. I guess that's a life cycle.

Monday, October 17, 2011


am no fan of chinese song but this is too awesome to listen=)

yooo wonder how many will read this..
have been abandoning this blog ever since i am into my 2nd madness of science..
but tat blog is to show photos..
this 1 is still remain to speak for my life..

been busy for the past 2 weeks..
awesome and thank god i am alive..
had a narrow escape from the earthquake..
despite of that scary news..
there was another terrifying experience in bali too..
don't worry i am back in one piece..

let me cerita sikit k..
it was the 2nd nite in Kuta..
jeremy suddenly said got bombing in Jawa and bali is now in alert..
for a sec..
even though it was just a news and i was really shocked..
like why now?
BTW bali was safe from bombing throughout the trip..
OR we were safe from bombing throughout the trip..
well it doesn't matter =)

after this trip..
i have a question in my head..
if i die, how would you all know?
my family doesn't really know most of you..
and what if my hp dies together with me..
they got no contacts of most of my friends..
so so so so..
i think FB will do his work..
like status updated "yuhan died"
chill just a thought..

do visit my 2nd madness of science =)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well it is almost come to the end of this semester and the long awaited 4-month break is so near! Now, i am considered free from event stuffs already except for the assignments, tests and quizzes.. And to be frank i am seriously not used to the life recently where i am suddenly free from the workloads.. Haha don't get me wrong that i wanna rant bout how free i am right now.. Just that i am not used it.. Instead of doing nothing i did something random over the weekend to kill some of my time=D

I know it is gonna bore you but it was totally a random photoshooting at night..
And I dunno whether it is a waste of time or not but for the whole night i get only 3 satisfying shots=D

Here you go..

Last but not least my favourite..
Don't boo me for liking this photo so much..
And i edited this photo with some blur effect on the top region of the photo..
Somehow i just simply love the arrow=D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Suddenly i got the urge to write down my to-do-list during my 4-month break..
I think this will bore everyone 'cause it is all about my camera=D

  1. get my flash
  2. get macro attachment (maybe)
  3. do street photography=D
  4. do light painting
  5. make 1 album on hands (so gonna do this)
  6. family portrait
  7. finish everyone's presents
  8. do high speed flash photography (motion-static photos)
  9. learn landscape photography (especially night scenery)
  10. learn photo editing
  11. travelling (bali and phillippines hopefully)
  12. sand art (provided i got sand)
  13. macro photography (if i buy 1)
  14. photoshooting with ann
  15. print my photos
  16. monochromatic album

Hahahahaha..even though the list is till number 16 only..but i think i am so so so ambitious to think that i can achieve all..

Well is 4-month break=D

Before i end *drum roll*

still can't stop loving this shot!
after long time planning and finally it is done=D