Monday, October 17, 2011


am no fan of chinese song but this is too awesome to listen=)

yooo wonder how many will read this..
have been abandoning this blog ever since i am into my 2nd madness of science..
but tat blog is to show photos..
this 1 is still remain to speak for my life..

been busy for the past 2 weeks..
awesome and thank god i am alive..
had a narrow escape from the earthquake..
despite of that scary news..
there was another terrifying experience in bali too..
don't worry i am back in one piece..

let me cerita sikit k..
it was the 2nd nite in Kuta..
jeremy suddenly said got bombing in Jawa and bali is now in alert..
for a sec..
even though it was just a news and i was really shocked..
like why now?
BTW bali was safe from bombing throughout the trip..
OR we were safe from bombing throughout the trip..
well it doesn't matter =)

after this trip..
i have a question in my head..
if i die, how would you all know?
my family doesn't really know most of you..
and what if my hp dies together with me..
they got no contacts of most of my friends..
so so so so..
i think FB will do his work..
like status updated "yuhan died"
chill just a thought..

do visit my 2nd madness of science =)

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