Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today was indeed crazy. I am so worn out. Last night was terrible, too many things were going on in my mind. From projects to test, and from presentation to interview. Yes, I am having my interview next week. Everything is coming to me at one time. I am just so tired. My priorities are in a mess now. When I was having test, I didn't even think that I was thinking for the answers. My mind was just wandering at somewhere. For the first time, I do not even care how I score in the test. Part of me has given up. Just need a small break. A small one is suffice. 

On a side note, sometimes I do think dogs are lovely creatures. No matter how many times you ignore them, they will always welcome you. At least, today a dog accompanied me when I was walking to the test hall. Hopefully she will be alright before anyone chases her out.

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